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About Us

ChabadCare, based on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, under the auspices of Rabbi Sholly Freundlich, is an organization that visits, supports, and cares for patients and their families daily; bringing emotional and spiritual support when possible. Whether it’s on holidays, special occasions, or during the week, Since 2014, ChabadCare has been dedicated to assisting others with true sensitivity and care. 

During the recent pandemic when hospital visitation was curtailed, ChabadCare helped many families navigate the hospital system and facilitated patient family contact.

At times when families are unable to be there for a patient's final hour, ChabadCare is able to arrange a Chaplain or a Rabbi to assist with prayers and provide a listening ear at bedside.

All outreach and requests are treated with utmost confidentiality

"Dear Rabbi Freundlich, I can personally attest to how critical your work is. It was this time of year and over Rosh Hashana that we met and you first helped me with were a true lifeline at a very scary and difficult time...always grateful to the one above for sending you as a messenger."


Patient Spouse

“I absolutely love volunteering for ChabadCare! Visiting patients on Shabbos is the highlight of my week. I enjoy speaking to and making connections with the patients. Bikkur Cholim gives my life meaning and purpose and Rabbi Freundlich is always there to prepare me and answer any questions!”

Gabi Stein

Active Volunteer

"Then an angel appears by the name of Rabbi Sholom Freundlich a Chabad Shaliach who "runs around" with a group of volunteers between four medical centers in Manhattan in full costume making sure that no Jew misses out from hearing the Megillah and that they have a smile on their face (even in the most difficult circumstances) as is the Mitzvah of the holiday Purim. Rabbi Freundlich's children are used to spending Purim alone with their mother at home, who makes this holiday special for them, while their father puts smiles on the faces of those who are in hospital without whom this day would be just another difficult one."


Father of Patient (as quoted in Mishpacha Magazine)


"Whoever visits the sick causes the person to live..." (Nedarim 39b-40a)

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